The Bud and Bloom Guide to Cannabinoids | THCa & CBDa

How about a riddle: When is a cannabinoid not a cannabinoid?

You don’t have to know the answer to that— in this post in our cannabinoids series, we’re going to learn about two chemical compounds, THCa and CBDa, that technically aren’t cannabinoids— but they can be.

Okay, maybe we should back up a little bit.

The Difference Between Cannabinoids and Cannabinoid Acids

So far in our series, we’ve been talking only about cannabinoids. But cannabinoids actually begin as something known as cannabinoid acids. These cannabinoid acids are what naturally appear in cannabis plants as they grow. It isn’t until cannabis is subjected to time and heat that those cannabinoid acids undergo a transformation and become full-blown cannabinoids.

Basically, THC starts as THCa, and CBD begins as CBDa.

What this means is that if you were to go snip off a growing cannabis plant and consume it, you probably wouldn’t get high. That’s because cannabinoid acids don’t have all the same properties as their cannabinoid cousins.

So, if that’s the case, what are the benefits of cannabinoid acids? More and more research is suggesting that there’s a lot more to these acids than we originally thought.

Benefits of THCa and Benefits of CBDa

Despite being different from THC and CBD, THCa and CBDa interact with your body in a similar way. They attach to receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system, sending signals to your body and brain. This results in a range of potential benefits for your physical and mental health.

Research into THCa and CBDa is still young and growing, but there are some very promising potential benefits emerging every day.

Reduced Inflammation
THCa and CBDa can help halt the action of chemicals in the body that lead to inflammation, which helps decrease swelling and inflammation in your muscles and joints.

Boosted Immune System
Some early research is beginning to show that THCa and CBDa can improve the immune system for some patients, helping avoid and fight illness better.

Pain Reduction
Reduction in physical pain and soreness has been observed as a benefit of both THCa and CBDa, making them a potential alternative for pharmaceuticals when fighting pain.

Other Potential Benefits
While much more research is necessary, THCa and CBDa have been shown to have promising potential benefits in reducing the growth of cancer cells. This could make these cannabinoid acids a powerful future tool in helping treat cancer.

Other early research suggests that THCa and CBDa might be effective in treating nausea, epilepsy, anxiety and depression, though additional research is necessary on these topics.

Products with THCa and Products with CBDa

A few products on Bud and Bloom’s shelves contain THCa or CBDa in at least some percentage. You can easily identify how much of a specific cannabinoid a product contains relative to other cannabinoids by checking out the product description on the packaging or its listing on our online menu.


LEVEL | Hangover Tablingual
This THCA infused tablet is designed to help reduce hangover effects with a soothing formula that also features CBD, CBG, and THC.

Papa & Barkley | Releaf Tincture
With its distinct herbal flavor, this tincture brings a soothing wave of calm and minor buzz.

Rosette Wellness | THCa Tincture
Perfect for inducing feelings of calm and euphoria, this THCa-centric formula from Rosette is a customer favorite.

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our Bud and Bloom experts or browse our menu online for cannabis products.

Next week, we’ll discuss more of our favorite cannabinoids and their effects.

Until next time!

-Your Bud and Bloom team.