Rebel Coast

January 20 | 5:30pm-7:30pm
Rebel Coast ferment grapes from Sonoma removes just the alcohol and replaces it with fast-acting THC. Each glass has 10mg of THC, meaning you can enjoy it at a dinner party and still be able to talk to everyone. Removing the alcohol comes with another great benefit. Traditional wines have ~150 calories per glass, Rebel Coast wines have only 49.

Henry’s Original

January 22 | 11am-2pm
Explore the fine collection of products from the heartland of cannabis heritage—wild, rugged Mendocino County. Where the air is crisp and nature abounds in all her raw, jagged glory!
  • Buy 1/8 or joint pack, get a promo preroll for $1


January 22 | 3pm-6pm
Quality begins on the farm, and Potters Cannabis Co. knows this full well. They start with the finest cannabis flowers with stable genetics, cultivated by master growers with years of experience.
  • Buy 1/8, .5g or 1g cart and have the option of $3 preroll or promo cart for $12


January 22 | 4pm-7pm
Kiva Confections consistently raises the bar with their chocolates, gummies, and mints that taste superb with highs that feel just as good. The potency of their edibles typically ranges from 2.5 to 5mg of THC per piece so getting the microdose or precise dose you need is a breeze.
  • Buy any Kiva bar get promo kiva bar for $3
  • Buy any Camino gummy get promo Camino for $3


January 23 | 12pm-3pm
The Select story started with a puff, then a bad cough, that led to a thought — why not make a safer cartridge? So they did and the rest is history.
  • Buy 2 0.5g or 1 full gram get a promo cart for $5

My Best Bud

January 23 | 1pm-4pm
The team and My Best Bud believe that pets are family and deserve our love, support and the best care we can provide.  This fundamental belief makes us passionate, compassionate, and uncompromising in our mission to help improve each pet’s quality of life.

Cream of the Crop

January 24 | 11am-3pm
Quality is always the product of clear intention, unwavering dedication, and skillful execution. At Cream of the Crop, the passionate pursuit of exceptional quality drives everything they do.
  • Buy any COTC 1/8 and get a promo WCTC ACES preroll for $1

Nuavata/Chalice Chews

January 24 | 5pm-7pm
Chalice Farms offers the highest quality of cannabis products in a wide array of flower, extractions, oils, edibles and full body care with optimal efficacy in both retail and wholesale markets. Whether you’re looking for an aid to wellness and mindfulness or simply to add a little extra flavor to life, Nuvata’s premium vaporizers deliver cannabis that’s perfectly suited for your needs.
  • Buy any chalice farms chew and get a promo chalice for $1.00
  • Buy any Nuvata cart and have the option of mericanna preroll for $1.00 or lucy's infused preroll for $1.00

Papa and Barkley

January 27 | 11am-2pm
Discover Papa & Barkley’s full line of effective cannabis products that are specifically designed to help with pain and promote wellness.
  • Buy any Papa product, get a mini balm for $.05